Concise vehicle records,
as simple as scanning a vehicles license disc.

What is it?

Scan any vehicles that are entering, exiting, coming, going, parking or stopping. Keep concise records of vehicle movements by simply scanning the license disc of a vehicle using the LicSec app.

What does it store?

  • Scan Time
  • Scan Date
  • Scan Type (Entry/Exit)
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Colour
  • Vehicle Description
  • License Disc Expiry Date
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Engine Number
  • Engine Number
  • Control Number
  • Regestering Authority (Name / Code)
  • Engine Number
  • Plate Province
  • Estimated Registration Date (Gauteng)
  • Plate Area (For Western Cape or KZN)
  • Plate Use (Government, Police, Military or personalised)
  • Manufacture Date
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacture Continent
  • Manufacture Country